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First Aid Cabinet - Medical Supplies

  A well-stocked first-aid kit, kept within easy reach when an emergency occurs, is a necessity in every home, office, store and industrial facility.

  In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all job sites and workplaces to make available first aid equipment and medical supplies for use by injured employees.

 Most business (offices and industrial) will satisfy this government requirement by purchasing a sufficient number of wall mounted First Aid Cabinets or Medical Stations to cover the number of employees present in the work area

 The idea here is to save valuable time when an accident happens by having these supplies gathered in one place. This will help you to handle any emergency at a moment's notice.

  You should keep one Cabinet in your home, at the office and one at the cottage. A good quality medical kit should be brought along on all family vacations and trips.

First Aid Cabinet - Medical Station

   These quality First Aid Kit Cabinets are highly versatile and functional for a variety of first aid injuries; be it Home workshop, Office, Industrial / Commercial setting or at your Cottage or Campgrounds.

   Each Medical Station is designed to be wall mounted in an easily accessible place.  By having all your First Aid supplies together in one place, valuable time is saved when a first aid emergency arises.

   All of our Quality First Aid Stations Meet or Exceed all of OSHA and ANSI Requirements


Not having the proper First Aid supplies on hand when an Emergency strikes, is a situation to be avoided!


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25 Person First Aid Box25 Person First Aid BoxThis First Aid Cabinet was designed to support 25 Persons in an Industrial or Office Location.

The metal case makes this kit ideal for fleet vehicles, contractors, work sites and at home.

Meets or Exceeds all OSHA and ANSI Requirements.

50 Person First Aid Station50 Person First Aid StationThis First Aid Cabinet was designed to support 50 Persons in and Industrial or Office Location.

The metal case makes this kit ideal for fleet vehicles, contractors and work sites.

This First Aid cabinet even contains a CPR Barrier.

100 Person Medical Supplies100 Person Medical SuppliesThis 100 person First Aid Cabinet is designed for all Industrial, Construction and Office locations.

Meets and Exceeds OSHA 1910.151(b) Guidelines. Cabinet may be mounted to wall.

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