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Being Prepared, with the proper Emergency Supplies is the Key to Safety!

Medical Supplies Online

Being prepared with the proper First Aid Kits and Supplies before a disaster strikes, gives you and your family a much better chance of coping with any emergency situation.

As our ultra-modern manufacturing facility specializes entirely in 1st aid kits, first aid supplies and Disaster Preparedness Products, we are therefore able to offer you the highest quality products and supplies for less cost than our competitors.

Our Medical Kits, Cabinets and First Aid Supplies meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI guidelines.
Order your Medical Supplies Online Today.

First Aid Supplies

Prepare NOW, for the Unexpected!

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                  First Aid Kits                                    Kit Refill

 Kits    Refill Supplies

      A Large Selection of kits                            Over time, items that have been used
       for every Home, Office,                                 from your Kit must be replaced.
        School and Workplace.                                      Order Kit Refill Items Here.


               Burn Relief                              CERT Equipment
 Skin Burn  CERT Equipment

Start Burn Treatment as soon as Possible     Community Emergency Response Team,
        Cool Breeze Burn Dressings                     set up and trained, can help deal with
major disaster in your town when it occurs.

                 Medical Cabinets                                Pet Kits

 Cabinets             Pet Medical Kits - Supplies

  Have a 1st Aid Cabinet at Home,                           Your Pets are part of your Family!
   Cottage and Office. All of your                                        They need Care Too!
  Emergency Supplies in one Place.                            Emergency Food and Safety items.


              First Aid Supplies              Emergency Food and Water
 Preparedness                    Food - Water
 1st Aid Products and Supplies                              Stock up on Emergency Food Bars,
for your Emergency Kit and GO BAG.                     Drinking Water, Self-Heating meals,
Bandages, Hygiene Kits, Sting relief                          Iosat Tablets and Water Filters
pads and much more

  Shelter - Sleeping                          Search and Rescue Kits

 Shelter             Search - Rescue

The very first requirement of Survival            A search and rescue worker must have the
      is having adequate shelter                       essential supplies to allow him or her to
           from the elements.                                         preform their mission.


          Wise Emergency Food                      Emergency Light
                                                         Emergency Radios

Wise Food Storage        Lighting - Radios
   Wise Emergency Food has a                               Lighting and Communication;
        25 year Shelf Life.                                        Dynamo Flashlights, Radios
 Prepare for the unexpected now.                      Cell-Phone Chargers and
Long Term Food Storage                                              
  Emergency Tools             Emergency Roadside Auto Kits

  Tools          Auto Kits

 Preparedness Tools and Supplies                Don't be Stranded in your Vehicle without
    Disaster Preparedness Books,                                an Auto Emergency Kit!
          DVD's and Tasers.                                  Vehicle Emergencies Happen Frequently.                   

 Disaster Preparedness Kits            Multi-Person Trauma
                                                           Medical Units

Prepare now for the next Disaster.                    Multi-Person Trauma Kits for 50, 100,  
These 72 Hour Kits will minimize your                          500 and 1000 persons.
          dependency on others.                             Is your School and Office Prepared
                                                                                   with proper Medical Kits?

         Triage Equipment               Personal Emergency Items

 Triage      Emergency Supplies

    Triage workers must have the proper               Here are personal First Aid Supplies
 equipment and supplies to enable them            from Antibiotic Ointment to Emergency
   to perform this essential function.                      Black Out kits and First Aid Cabinets.
                                                                           Items on this page must be ordered
                                                                             separately from items on other pages



Emergencies requiring Quick Medical Attention can, and will happen:


   Having a Well-Equipped First Aid Kit, can be critical in these emergencies.

   Do you have a First Aid Kit in your
Auto? Does it contain the proper First Aid Supplies to deal with any emergency?

  Are there proper Medical Supplies at your Office to treat an injured Co-worker? First Aid Kits and First Aid Supplies are essential.

   Read further information from the American Red Cross on Community Emergency Response Teams website. This site contains a vast amount of information for dealing with both natural and man-made disasters.

Department of Homeland Security also offers information an Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

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