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The Safety and Well-being of you and your Family may depend on the First Aid Kits, Medical Packs and Supplies that are available when an Emergency strikes!

We cannot prevent disasters, but we are dedicated to helping our customers make it through the tough times, when they come.


Protect yourself and your family from an Emergency or Disaster situation by ordering a quality First Aid Kit NOW.
  • We offer high quality First Aid Kits designed for Home, Office, Cottage, Marine, Camping, RV, Commercial, Industrial and Wilderness locations.
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37 Piece Aid Kit37 Piece Aid KitThis Mini Medical Pack is ideal for Party Favors, Corporate gifts, and for personal use.
Childeren's 30 Piece Kit with Peanuts BandagesChilderen's 30 Piece Kit with Peanuts BandagesThese Children's Medical supplies are designed with youngsters in Mind.

Each colorful bandage features the Peanuts characters.

54 Piece Basic First Aid54 Piece Basic First AidContains 54 pieces of take anywhere first aid supplies in a locking plastic container that keeps the contents dry and ready to use.
This Basic Kit is light weight and easy to take along with you anywhere.
Hand Sanitizing and Barrier LotionHand Sanitizing and Barrier LotionThis Barrier Lotion is an alcohol free sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs for up to four hours and provides a protective barrier using Dimethicone to shield the skin from biological and chemical environments including bodily fluids.

This is a perfect alternative to alcohol based sanitizers that are flammable and dry out the protective moisturizers in the user's skin.
107 Piece Kit107 Piece KitThis great kit contains 107 pieces of take anywhere first aid supplies, packed in a durable plastic container.

A larger amount of Medical gear than generally found in at this low price.

45 Piece Basic Kit in a Pouch45 Piece Basic Kit in a PouchThis great Personal First Aid Kit attaches to your back pack or belt loop for easy carrying.
Contains the necessary first aid items to treat minor burns and injuries.
One Day Fanny PackOne Day Fanny PackThis is our new Emergency Fanny Pack Kit. It is designed for one person for one day.

It is compact and easy to carry. Contains the necessary equipment to keep you safe for a day.
Ideal as a vehicle emergency kit or an overnight backpacking safety kit.

10 Person First Aid Kit10 Person First Aid KitThis a comprehensive 106-piece first aid kit is ideal for contractors, work sites, vehicles or small companies with less than 10 employees. It also is great for home and cottage.

It meets and exceeds both federal OSHA requirements 1910.151b and ANSI Standard 2308.1-2003
Cortex Outdoor Skin Care Kit (16 Piece)Cortex Outdoor Skin Care Kit (16 Piece)This light, easy to pack Outdoor Kit contains medications to help you look after your skin.

It includes Insect repellent, Poison Ivy towelettes and Sunscreen.

Great Emergency Preparedness  Supplies for your next outdoor adventure.

183 piece First-Aid Kit183 piece First-Aid KitThis is a very comprehensive Medical Kit, containing first aid items for Wound treatment, Sprains & Bruises and Instruments.

Suitable for Home, Car or small office.
Exceeds OSHA Guidlines.
Travelers Aid - Personal Hygiene and MedicalTravelers Aid - Personal Hygiene and MedicalThis 73-pc. First Aid and Personal Hygiene Kit is a Travelers best friend.

It contains both Personal Hygiene and First Aid Supplies in a convenient "Smart Bag" pack.
234 pc. First Aid Kit234 pc. First Aid KitThis 234 piece First Aid Kit has been designed to provide a high quality kit for home, workshop and recreational activities.

It contains a large selection of first aid products including examination gloves, CPR mask and First Aid Guide book.

Smart Survival Kit with MedicalSmart Survival Kit with MedicalThis survival kit contains the necessary items required for emergency preparedness.

This is the perfect First Aid Survival Kit to have when an emergency strikes.

Guardian First Aid Fanny PackGuardian First Aid Fanny PackThis Quality Kit contains 48 pieces of First Aid items in a Fanny Pack

Both convenient to carry and capable of treating many everyday injuries.

This is a great first aid kit for any Outdoor adventures!
105 Piece Survival Medical Supplies105 Piece Survival Medical SuppliesThis is not your ordinary first aid kit. This 105 piece kit combines all of the essential first aid supplies, along with personal hygiene and outdoor protection products.
What you carry will depend upon where you will be traveling and what you will be doing.

A high quality outdoor first aid kit designed for backpacking, camping and survival packs.
In the event of being required to evacuate your home, this survival first aid kit will be most valuable.

Heat Stress KitHeat Stress KitThis heat stress kit is designed to get you through a survival situation. It contains the vital emergency items that will help get you through.
Outdoorsman KitOutdoorsman KitThis quality First Aid Kit was designed with the Outdoor enthusiast in mind.

Includes 103 Outdoor essentials, from a signal mirror to sunscreen and a snake bite kit.

All contained in an easy to carry bag; Essential for your next fishing or hunting trip.
S.T.A.R.T.  I  -  First Aid for BurnsS.T.A.R.T. I - First Aid for BurnsS.T.A.R.T. is an acronym for Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment, and is defined as being a method that first responders use to effectively and efficiently evaluate all of the victims during a mass casualty incident (MCI).

This kit is designed to enable a first responder to treat a burn patient.
Rescue One First-Aid / TraumaRescue One First-Aid / TraumaIn most disaster situations it can take quite some time before help arrives. When lives are at stake, it's up to you to be in control and take action.
This kit was designed to be used by rescue professionals and First Responders alike.
All of our trauma products have been developed by emergency medical responders and tested by national laboratories and both in hands-on emergency conditions and have received high marks from users.
"First Responder" First Aid Trauma Kit"First Responder" First Aid Trauma Kit"The Responder" is one of our most popular first aid trauma kits.
It is a high quality first aid kit packed with the first aid gear you'll need, and it all comes in a tough case that also has extra room for more gear.

This First Aid Trauma "Responder" Kit is designed for home, office, school or small commercial business of up to 25 Persons.
It contains sufficient medical supplies to allow the "First Responder" to cope with the emergency at hand.

Team Leader Emergency UnitTeam Leader Emergency UnitThis comprehensive Emergency kit has been designed as a Team Leader / Floor Warden Emergency Unit.

This Emergency kit contains all of the equipment necessary to prepare your workplace or office facility to handle a disaster situation.

Ready to Roll Emergency Preparedness Medical KitReady to Roll Emergency Preparedness Medical KitThis is the ultimate in first aid and emergency preparedness kits for the family faced with the prospect of evacuation their home in the face of a man-made or Natural Disaster.

This Ready to Roll Kit includes Hygiene, first aid, search and rescue and survival gear that you will need for that first critical 72-hours of an Emergency.
The Entire Kit is Packaged in a rugged nylon carry case on wheels and has a carrying strap and external pockets for your additional medical supplies.

Close Encounter KitClose Encounter KitThis new disease prevention kit contains the necessary components to help avoid coming in contact with the various Germs, Bacteria and Virus that are infecting many people.
First Aid Supplies

About our Products!

We do not manufacture low quality First Aid Kits just to make a sale.

We decided in the very beginning, that we were going to provide high quality First Aid Kits and products that would actually assist in saving lives.

These First Aid Kits and Supplies meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI guidelines. Each First Aid Kit that we produce has been reviewed and tested thoroughly by a Medical Advisory Board.

They are approved for use at an office, home, auto, industrial, wilderness campsite, hunting and fishing or anywhere else complete medical supplies are needed.

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