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  What would happen if your pet were to be injured due to an accident at home, at a vacation destination or during an emergency situation that forced you and your family to evacuate your home?

  This scenario has happen to many families in the last few months due to severe weather conditions.

  Do you have a pet-friendly First Aid Kit and emergency supplies on hand to provide for your pet's safety and well-being?

First Aid Kit

   By ordering a Pet Care Kit / Emergency Pet Supplies now, you can significantly increase the chances of your pets survival when an emergency arises.

By having a proper First Aid Kit and First Aid Supplies specifically designed for your pets can help significantly reduce the extent of injury that could occur when an emergency or Natural Disaster strikes your city or state. Any of these emergencies may force you to evacuate your home.

Its too late to prepare an emergency after the disaster happens!

These Cat and Dog Survival Kits and Medical Supplies have been designed and manufactured following the advice of experts in the emergency preparedness industry and Veterinarians. Following the guidelines given by these and other government agencies, the pet products that we stock will help provide your pet with all of the necessary items to survive. This is especially true if you are ever forced to evacuate your home.

By having one of these survival kits, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be safe and comfortable in any type of disaster.

            *Don't forget to pack any special medications that your dog or cat requires and their medical records into their kit.


Pet Health and Safety

Pet Disaster Supplies
  •     Your pets are big part of your family. By planning ahead and having the proper Pet First Aid Kits, Safety supplies and a pet disaster kit on hand in the event of an emergency situation.
  •    We have high quality Pet Health kits and specialized disaster "GO BAG" kits for both Dogs and Cats.
    First Aid / Trauma Videos will help prepare you for various Pet emergencies.

    Pet First Aid Supplies

    "CATastrophy" Pet Emergency Kit for Cats"CATastrophy" Pet Emergency Kit for CatsOur "CATastrophy" Kit for Cats contains among other items cat food, water, a Pet First Aid kit and a toy.

    This is your Pets ready-made GO BAG!

    "DogGonIt" Pet Emergency Kit for Dogs"DogGonIt" Pet Emergency Kit for DogsOur "DogGonIt" kit contains, among other items, pet food, water, blankets, a Pet First Aid kit and a rope.

    If Disaster strikes, are you prepared to look after your "Best Friend"?

    Deluxe Dog KitDeluxe Dog KitThis Deluxe Pet Kit Includes a Safety Vest, Food, Water, Lighted Collar and a First Aid Kit.

    Deluxe Pet First Aid KitDeluxe Pet First Aid KitThis Deluxe Pet First Aid kit is Veterinarian Approved.
    Dog Collar with Safety LightDog Collar with Safety LightThis Dog collar with Safety light makes your nighttime dog walks safe and more enjoyable.

    No matter it your dog is on of off the leash, the safety light makes him visible
    Emergency Survival Pet FoodEmergency Survival Pet FoodThese packs of Emergency Pet food have a 5 Year Shelf Life. They are special vacuum sealed packaging of Brand name formula.
    Each pack contains a complete balanced nutrition meal for all dogs and cats.
    First Aid Videos for Dogs & CatsFirst Aid Videos for Dogs & CatsDo you have the Knowledge to help your Pet in an Emergency?

    These 45-minute award-winning videos can save your pets life in those critical moments after an accident has happened.

    Learn CPR, Choking, Heat Stroke, Burns, Fractures, Hypothermia, Eye injuries, shock and much more.

    Lighted Pet CollarLighted Pet CollarA great new item in pet safety. These collars reflects yellow and lights red when activated (battery included).

    Visible up to one mile at night.

    Pet First Aid & Disaster ResponsePet First Aid & Disaster ResponseThis Pet Emergency Guide Is designed to help pet owners provide immediate medical care to their pets until they can reach a veterinary or emergency clinic.

    The book will teach you the procedures to follow to care for your pet before, during and after an emergency situation has occurred.
    Pet First Aid Kit - 63 PiecePet First Aid Kit - 63 PieceDon't forget about your Pet, they can require first aid too!

    Be prepared to treat your Pet, should an accident happen.
    This pet first aid kit treats your animals for various injuries.

    Pet Safety VestPet Safety VestThe pet safety vest is constructed of nylon and has a reflective collar as well as a reflective paw print on both sides.

    They are perfect for keeping track of your Dog during a disaster, while walking or to alert drivers should your pet run into the street.

    Pet Travel KitPet Travel KitThis Deluxe Dog travel and Emergency kit has a 5 year shelf live.

    Ideal for an emergency evacuation or for those times when you are faced with an unexpected delay.


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